Elisha J. Mitchell



Lord, You're Welcome Here


Lord, You’re welcome here. 

You are welcome here.

Lord, we welcome You. 

You’re welcome in this place.


Wonderfully Made


Lord, I praise You

For I’m fearfully, wonderfully made

You’re amazing to me


What Kind of Love


What kind of love is this

He has bestowed on me

I am a child of God 

And I speak of a mystery


We Need the Lord


Jesus says Come unto Me, I’ll give you rest for your soul

Cast all your cares on My shoulders

We need the Lord


Test of Fire


I try the reins; I search the heart

I give to every man according to his ways

According to the fruit that shall remain


Praise Him in the Dance


Ain’t nothing’ to it but to do it

Found out it's all right to dance before the Lord


My People


If my people who are called by My name

Would humble themselves and pray - If they’d seek My face


Last Days


We are living in the last days

Living in the last days

We are living in the last days

Let’s get ready for the day of Jesus Christ


Faith to Move Mountains


Circumstances all around keep shaking me

They want my attention, ya’ll they try to compete

But I remain focused on the prize

The high calling that God gave to me


Don'tcha Wanna Bless Me


Don’tcha wanna bless Me

It would delight Me so 

To know you’re seeking My face